2014 qingdao International Horticultural Exposition




Naidong is also called Jiangxue. Since it is evergreen, it has also been given the name 'Naidong'(being resistant to coldness). There is a well-known quote that usually describes this plant 'It blossoms from winter to spring and smiles when the withered grasses grow green’. It belongs to theaceae camellia family and is beautiful with its evergreen features and bright-colored petals. It blossoms in the snowy winter and lasts for half a year.

It is the city flower of Qingdao, Shandong province, because of its strong cold-resistance, drought-resistance abilities and other features.

Physical features: Naidong is an evergreen shrub with tawny branches and an oval shape.

Horticultural functions: The hardy flower is beautiful by nature. Its beauty is embodied in its evergreen leaves, colorful petals, various looks, elegant postures and its attractive fragrance, which impresses visitors a lot. It ignores the cold weather and blossoms in the harsh winter, which adds beauty to the coldest days and brings the hope of spring to other creatures. As long as people see it, they are encouraged by its spirit of fortitude and nobility. Naidong is appreciated even more since it blossoms right through the New Year's holiday and Spring Festival.

Owing to the above features, Naidong is enjoyed widely. Thus, it is beloved by people and admired by scholars of all ages. It is widely welcomed and praised a great deal in poems. It can be sold as a potted plant due to its amazing shapes and colors and it can also be planted prevalently in the landscapes of cities and companies since it is a hardy, evergreen plant which blossoms in winter. Naidong embraces a great potential for marketing because it can used in fresh cut flower displays and sold as expensive etiquette flower products.




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