2014 qingdao International Horticultural Exposition

  • Trident maple tree2014-04-10

    Trident maple tree.is a deciduous tree with a height of 5-10m. It usually blooms in April and May and fruits in September and October.

  • Chionanthus retusus2014-04-10

    Chionanthus retusus is a kind of plant under the national second-level protection. It's fresh and pleasant and can be planted around buildings, near gardens or sidewalks.

  • Zelkova serrata2014-04-10

    Zelkova serrata is widely planted in China and is one of China’s national second-class protected plants.

  • Celtis sinensis Pers2014-04-10

    Celtis sinensis Pers has a preference for light and a tolerance for shade.

  • Diospyros kaki2014-04-10

    Diospyros kaki, also named Persimmon, is in the family of Ebenaceae and Diospyros.

  • Acer monoes2014-04-10

    Acer monoes, also named Acer truncatum, belongs to the Aceraceae family.

  • Cedrus deodara2014-04-10

    Cedrus deodara, usually blooms in October and November and its fruits mature in October the following year.

  • Southern magnolia2014-04-10

    Southern magnolia, a tree native to America, has big petals which look like lotus and can be made of medicine and part of the landscape.