2014 qingdao International Horticultural Exposition

  • St. Michael's Cathedral2014-04-17

    Before 1900, there is a Catholic church in Qingdao which was built by the German Missioner Bai Mingde, at that time served in the Yanzhou diocese.

  • Old Stone Man2014-04-17

    At the foot of Wushan Mountain in Qingdao stands a 17-meter-high rock resembling an old fisherman.

  • Qingdao Polar Ocean World2014-04-17

    Qingdao Polar Ocean World is a compound park where you can eat, live, travel, shopping and play with ocean park as its thematic motif.

  • Golden Sand Beach

    Being Huangdao's largest beach, it offers travelers a golden sandy playground as far as the eye can see.

  • Earth, sea and sky merge at Laoshan Mountain2014-04-17

    QINGDAO: China has many famous mountains, including the "Five High Mountains"- its most famous peaks - but they are far from the sea, unlike 1,132-m Laoshan Mountain in Qingdao that has both grand vistas and a storied history.

  • Badaguan Scenic Spot2014-04-17

    Built early in the twentieth century, Badaguan Scenic Spot was basically formed in the 1930s through an ongoing construction programme.

  • The Protestant Church of Jiangsu Road in Qingdao2014-04-17

    The bell tower was set up to the main building with three clocks mounted on three sides of the tower.

  • Beijiushui Scenic Area2014-04-17

    Beijiushui Scenic Area

    Beijiushui Scenic Area (北九水), also called Nature's Gallery of the Nine Waters, is located in the upstream area of Baisha River amid the hills of Laoshan Mountain.

  • Oriental Golf and Country Club2014-04-17

    Oriental Golf and Country Club

    Lying in Qingdao West Coast Economy & Technology Development Zone, the Oriental Golf and Country Club covers an area of 346 acres.