2014 qingdao International Horticultural Exposition

  • Roast squid2014-04-18

    Another one of Qingdao's great seafood traditions is the always tender and delicious roast squid.

  • Steamed Hongdao oyster2014-04-15

    Steamed Hongdao oyster is cooked with oysters from Hongdao Island above a strong fire to keep its original taste and flavour.

  • Braised pig feet2014-04-15

    Even though Qingdao is a seafood city, braised pig's feet (流亭猪蹄) are still quite a popular snack with the locals (and adventurous expats).

  • Mackerel dumplings2014-04-15

    Mackerel is a part of the daily food culture of Qingdao, and there are several ways to prepare it.

  • Seafood noodles2014-04-15

    Seafood noodles (海鲜卤面) is a great home-style dish.

  • Qingdao cool vermicelli/agar jelly2014-04-15

    Qingdao summers can be really hot, which is not so great for the appetite.

  • Jingjiu pork rib rice2014-04-15

    Jingjiu pork rib rice is very famous in Qingdao. The manager of the popular chain restaurant is Wang Jingjiu, so the name of the restaurant is called Jingjiu.

  • Potstickers (Qingdao guotie)2014-04-15

    Potstickers (Qingdao guotie) is a popular cuisine in Qingdao. It has a history of more than 40 years.

  • Chili Sautéed Clams (gala)2014-04-15

    A dish that can be found on every menu in Qingdao is gala.

  • Sea cucumbers with minced meat2014-04-11

    One of Qingdao’s most famous dishes, sea cucumbers with minced meat uses sea cucumbers caught in the Yellow Sea off the coast of Qingdao.