Host: State Forestry Administration P.R.China
  China Council for the Promotion of
  International Trade (CCPIT)
  China Flower Association
  People's Government of Shandong Province
Host: People's Government of Qingdao Municipal
Venue: Qingdao Baiguoshan Forest Park
Level: A2+B1


Qingdao is a major coastal city in east China, an economic center in China, among the first coastal open cities, a specifically designated city at the subprovincial level in the state plan, and a marine research center.
Qingdao, cited as China’s “capital of sailing” and Asia’s best nautical city, hosted the sailing events of the 29th Olympic Games and the 13th Paralympic Games in 2008.
Not only an excellent tourist city in China, Qingdao is also reputed as a famous historical and cultural city, a national model of civilization, a national model of sanitation, a national garden city, a national model of water saving, and a national model of environmental protection and forestation.
It is also one of the most beautiful and charming cities in China, among the top ten liveable domestic cities and the top ten best tourist destinations, the most beloved tourism city of youth in China, the most dynamic leisure city in China. It boasts the most beautiful downtown area in China and the most charming bay in the world. As one of the most attractive city, it is a famous Chinese city that best deserves recommendation to the world.
Qingdao, the capital of Chinese brands, ranks among the top ten brand cities in China, the top ten festival cities in China, China’s star cities in public welfare, China’s safest cities, China’s cities with the greatest sense of happiness, China’s ten happiest cities, the top cities for citizen satisfaction and the world-touching Chinese brand cities.
Qingdao is one of China’s most economically dynamic cities, China’s best commercial cities, cities with the best soft strength in China, cities with “Award for Entrepreneur Satisfaction”, top ten IT-based cities, top ten competitive cities in Chinese manufacturing industry, China’s best cities for attracting investments by Chinese merchants, and Chinese cities with the most investment potential in the eyes of multinational corporations, and has been cited as a “gold-medal city” in China for its investment environment by the World Bank.
Qingdao is the place where China’s zero-meter elevation above sea level begins (the leveling origin of China).